We have created a whole host of ways to learn and engage. Our leadership and local teams have been hard at work over the years to create opportunities for people to benefit from and provide benefit to our efforts. We continually work to leverage our resources, relationships and knowledge to create “win wins”. Scroll down to find ways that you can volunteer, learn about social entrepreneurship from a practitioner’s perspective, learn Spanish online, engage with us as consultants/advisors, and take advantage of unique home stay experiences. ALL REVENUES from these efforts go to support the work of CE Solutions.

Social Entrepreneur Corps offers students and professionals the real world opportunity to work side-by-side with and learn from practicing social entrepreneurs in Latin America. Participants engage with CE Solutions individuals/entrepreneurs, local partners and communities to diagnose needs and create, implement and grow social innovations focused on intelligently helping impoverished, marginalized and vulnerable families build better lives for themselves and for their neighbors. Within all of our programs we work as a team and teams  so that our participants can play an important role in creating social innovation impact, and through this, gain the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to become the high impact leaders and social entrepreneurs of the future. All revenues over direct costs are used to fund the work of CE Solutions. 

This is Greg Van Kirk’s new blog. Are you looking to make a difference in your community or a nearby community in need? Are you a budding social entrepreneur, Peace Corps volunteer, or summer student volunteer? Do you want to help folks in your organization learn a bit about how to go about creating social impact from someone who has given it his best shot over the years? Do you want your students to get a better understating about how to go about this work in a practical sense? If you are nodding your head “yes”, then maybe this is for you. Check in every once in a while and we believe you will find some value.

LAUNCHING ON APRIL 10TH! In partnership with Columbia Business School, Greg Van Kirk will be launching an suite of online course offerings including an introduction to social entrepreneurship, how to start your own social venture, and how to work effectively as a community consultant. All courses are OPEN, will be economically accessible and will earn participants a certificate from Columbia Business School. The idea is to create course work that is practical, flexible and builds off of our 15 years of experience in social entrepreneurship. More courses will follow in a modular approach covering micro finance, technology for the BoP, Changemaker education and the like. Leading social entrepreneurs will guest lecture.  Reach out now if you are interested

Spanish For Impact provides you with an economical and flexible online opportunity to learn and improve your conversational Spanish. You learn from highly-experienced and friendly teachers based in Antigua, Guatemala. And 100% of what you pay supports job creation and community empowerment projects implemented by Soluciones Comunitarias, an award-winning locally-owned social enterprise. 

Ultimiya is a social innovation consulting firm led by the leadership of CE Solutions. All earnings from consultancies empower the CE Solutions team to continue its work. Ultimiya offers a broad spectrum of services and products to development organizations, technology developers and providers, start ups, foundations and corporations in the developing world.  We are focused on leveraging our breadth and depth of expertise to help you maximize your impact. With more than 15 years of experience as consultants and social entrepreneurs, we have been helping our clients and partners to reach the last mile by providing the most innovative solutions and resources. Our mission is to help organizations design and implement responsive and dignified means, which empower individuals, families and communities in the developing world. 

​​Certified Homestay provides the opportunity for building profound relationships between people and cultures around empathy and experience by connecting travelers with families from rural communities  who are willing to receive and host foreigners visiting their country. These are all families that have been trained by and have been working with the CE Solutions team through our Social Entrepreneur Corps sister organization. All income goes to local families and local organizations that we have created and/or support.  

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